Twitter Happiness 

VOICES can monitor the good mood of the Italians who comment on Twitter. Collecting daily data pinpointed on 110 provinces we can detect the level of happiness and sadness observing the variations in time and the geographical differences.

iHappy Index

In particular, Twitter posts are categorized as happy or sad in order to build iHappy, a measure able of evaluating how much "happy" comments posted on Twitter are:




The uniqueness of iHappy lies in being able to collect and analyze the most spontaneous and genuine reactions of a user that with his comments will contribute to the happiness or sadness of his/her province.

Results of the research

iHappy results can be found on Twitter and Facebook and with the iHappy app, developed for Android and iOS, you can monitor day-by-day the italian level of happiness.

Thanks to the collaboration with Wired Italy and Corriere della Sera VOICES published the iHappy eBook in which we present the data collected for each province in the years 2012, 2013, 2014,  2015 e 2016  In these volumes in addition to the results of annual analysis we identify the factors that led Italians to be happy or sad.

The  Next Index

The Wired Next Index is the first index in Italy that on the basis of a mathematical model is able to hold together traditional economic indicators (employment, new businesses, consumer and business confidence, exports) with a daily nowcasting on Twitter . The result is an index with daily variations and forecast for macro-areas that varies from 0 to 100, where 100 represents the maximum of hope and optimism. The index was created by VOICES for Wired Italia.

The  barometer

Expo 2015 has been an event that created expectations, enthusiasm and sometimes disappointment. For Open Expo VOICES had been monitoring the debate through the Expo Barometer, a measure capable to detect the social experience of the exposition. Through this index we captured the view of the web from May to October 2015.