On what do we rely

Scientific knowledge and business expertise: we use these strengths to offer our services. VOICES Corporate and VOICES Academy are two types of offer, the first oriented to the challenges of marketing, the second oriented to the development of the business model.

VOICES Corporate

The VOICES' technology is extremely flexible and is able to conduct both analysis on inhouse data (such as email and call center) and online conversations data. In this way we can analyze not just data from those costumers who come into contact with the company but also data from potential new customers who talk over the Internet everyday. In fact VOICES' statistical techniques allow the integration of different data sources in order to provide a complete service of business intelligence.

Informative Analytics:
What is your social strategy economic value? Likes, sharing, and videos how much return have in terms of image and sales? How to leverage enterprise data to monitor online campaigns?
Market View:
What is the the online buzz of a product and to what kind of topic is it associated? Which target my clients belong to?
Activities impact:
Is my marketing strategy improving my social reputation? What effects had that scandal on my corporate image?
How can I use Big Data to anticipate trends before others? How can I find new markets?
What do they say when they talk about me? What do they like and what do they dislike, but above all why?
Who are my influencers on the web? Are they lovers or are they haters?
Content generator:
How do people feel when they talk about a specific topic?
CRM activities:
What do my clients complain about? What are the strengths and the weaknesses of my costumer care?

VOICES Academy

The business world increasingly needs to acquire specific tools to improve the business. VOICES Academy' services are moving in this direction, they are designed to offer innovative tools to support the development of the company.

We offer a training service for the development and the improvement of your managerial potential
Software development:
We develop software for specific needs of data analysis