What is iSA©?

Every online conversation has a specific language code that can not be captured by standardized tools of investigation. iSA© is an algorithm instructed by humans and for this able to adapt to the specificities of every research. The result is an analysis highly personalized that can grasp all the shades of meaning in the complexity of the discussion.

iSA© (U.S. provisional patent application No. 62/215264) is the human component of VOICES' analysis .



How does it work?

VOICES' technology is part of a research process oriented to combine the speed of automated systems of analysis with human cognitive abilities.

VOICES’ researchers filter online data on the basis of the analysis’ objectives

Our coders read a sample of texts assigning a meaning to every single post, in this phase iSA© learns how to interpret the online conversation

Now iSA© is able to give the right meaning to a text and it is ready to extend the deepness of human interpretation to the vastness of the comments on the Internet

The advantages

As explained in the scientific article iSA©: a fast, scalable and accurate algorithm for sentiment analysis of social media content what differentiates iSA© is its accuracy and reliability of analysis. All this makes iSA© the best existing algorithm on the market for the aggregated analysis of Big Data. Its advantages:

Noise reduction:
We can separate the discussion on an issue from offtopic comments
The analysis can be conducted on any data size. Once iSA® is instructed the number of comments becomes insignificant
The algorithm can be instructed in any language
Not just Internet:
iSA® does not analyze just the comments posted online, it can analyze any type of digital text such as call center transcripts or customer care emails