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Without reliability, analyze Big Data produces just misunderstandings and confusion. VOICES' strength is iSA©, that couples human supervision of the analysis with advanced statistical techniques.


Each online discussion differs in vocabulary, linguistic register, issues and language. Our analysis can detect all these specificities offering highly personalized services while developing unique products and tools for a marketing strategy.


The ability to integrate (Big) data from multiple sources is the secret of a successful analysis capable to move from the mere surface of a problem to its heart. VOICES' analytical tools, technology and services allow to do that.





VOICES is more than a company. We work with some of the most important national and international newspapers and magazines in order to produce innovative public opinion analysis.

06 February 2018
Chi vincerà le elezioni 2018? Da oggi inizia il social tracker di VOICES per Wired
Da oggi inizia la nostra collaborazione con Wired per monitorare come sta andando la campagna elettorale in Italia in vista del 4 marzo. L'analisi predittiva di VOICES si basa su due pilastri. Da un lato, ci focalizziamo sull'informazione che proviene dai commenti pubblici postati ogni giorno su Twitter in relazione alle elezioni politiche del 2018. In particolare, questi messaggi sono analizzati attraverso la tecnologia iSA® (integrated Senti...

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