Today’s digital world generates huge amount of data. Companies and Institutions are constantly looking for solutions and tools to make sense of these data and to generate new value. Here at VOICES, rather then using buzz words, we produce real insight based on deep knowledge of data science, computer science and statistics.



VOICES ANALYTICS® is probably the best (SaaS) social media listening and analysis platform available on the market. Built on rock science, it implements advanced statistical techniques delivered through stunning data visualization and offering a unique user experience. From simple social listening, to network analysis, topic discovery, data mashup, predictive models and much more.

7B+Digital texts
6Crawlers (FB, Twitter, Blog, Forum, News, Web)
10+Types of Analyses
25+Charting Options
5+Export Options

Data Science

“Data is the new oil”, said The Economists, but who is able to extract value from it? Buzz words like deep learning, artificial intelligence, machine learning are useless without clues on how to apply these methodologies and how to combine data. Data Science is not about black-boxes doing the dirty job for you. Data Science is about computer science, statistics and field knowledge. That’s why at VOICES we build data science products along with our customers and specialists of the sector under investigation. Data mashup, profile enrichment and predictive modelling are key part of the data science solutions at VOICES. 


Social Media Reporting

Social media reporting is not simply about counting mentions, followers and likes. It’s rather about why people add a like, follow or mention you or your brand or your product. Social science comes into action in any of our reporting. We try to understand relationships and causal effect in order to transform numbers into insights.